Need design, photography, or art in your life? Here are some skilled and wise professionals with whom I've happily collaborated.

Stefan Gutermuth, multifaceted art design director from the San Francisco Bay Area.

Prudy Kohler's ART FOR LUNCH, a dynamic mobile workshop that takes art-making to workplaces, private parties, clubs—anywhere people come together in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Sam Willard, peripatetic professional portrait photographer based in Berkeley, CA.

Community: a Rotating Gallery of Accolades

People Doing Good, Well

I can't say enough about the following stellar organizations, most of which are—or serve—nonprofits. Please support their services!

The Wildlife Project, through whose assiduous work California's native species and natural environments are better protected.

San Leandro Coworking, a forward-looking convening space for people looking to work, meet, learn, discover, and create with like-minded others.

Mission Minded, a classy, can-do brand-communications group whose heart lies in helping laudable nonprofits (in San Francisco, Denver, and beyond) to tell their stories well.

Community Initiatives, a nonprofit fiscal sponsor that nurtures and champions community-benefiting projects in social justice, the arts, health, and advocacy.

Sonoma Mountain Ranch Preservation Foundation, dedicated to preserving the natural biodiversity of Sonoma Mountain and furthering research into native California vertebrate and plant species.

Infinite Qi, a serene, compassionate movement-therapy service whose classes support spiritual renewal, recovery from illness, and improved body IQ.

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