"When It Does Not Increase"
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"The Weevil's Waltz"
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"Corvette from Nevada" and
"Small Famines
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Environmental sextet
(in Writers Rising Up) (Bill Holm Witness Poetry Award)

"Angle of Repose"

(in Poecology(2014 Pushcart Nominee)

"Distilled Spirits"

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Writing matters.

Parizeau’s poem ["Angle of Repose"] borrows the title of Wallace Stegner’s acclaimed novel to give new meaning to rapid changes to western landscapes, about which Stegner wrote extensively. In a way,

 Parizeau’s piece picks up Stegner’s message and 
'places' it in the Gulf region, making the narrative
of environmental destruction not only a regional
story, but a national (and societal) one as well.

Poecology editor Kristi Moos


"Bridgework" in Read America(s), from

  Locked Horn Press

"Blue Morpho" in Human / Nature: Poems for Pacuare



Writing matters.

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"Formiculture" in Weather, from

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